Why Most Breast Enhancement Fail

Yes and then and we’ll just end that the nurses will end up shaving you on your operating room table and it’s just gonna you know you’re gonna pay for that extra overtime so just don’t do that shave before so two days before surgery also please try to stick with a light diet so even though you’re not gonna be able to eat after.

Midnight the day before your surgery don’t go like to the nearest in-and-out and get a burger and fries yeah don’t go to I was gonna say don’t go to Disneyland and pig out because I actually had a patient who did that and when I took because you don’t want to be bloated during your surgery some of the pain medication may also make you constipated you just want to be full of food and constipated after your surgery you’ll be miserable trust me.

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It’s not an issue that you want to have you want to be able to focus on recovering and not be worried about your bowel movements yeah so eat like the day or two before surgery okay so the night before surgery oh we’re getting closer closer to your transformation please do not eat or drink anything after midnight and this includes drinking water now you can take your medication if you have high blood pressure pills with a small sip of water.

The morning of surgery but otherwise please do not eat or drink anything the night before surgery that also includes mints gum anything that you put in your mouth please just midnight nothing also please do not put lotions deodorants creams or anything like that on your skin I’m going to be marking you just before we go into.

Surgery and so that will keep me from being able to mark you appropriately and also you don’t want to wear any valuable jewelry or contacts to the surgery outlet we try our nurses but hey you know if it’s like we don’t think yeah.

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