How To Sell liposomal Glutathione

Along process begin so it is a Liposomal Glutathione wonderful delivery method and the fact that we can create this at home and we can give about $ per visitbecause of course if you’re doing it intravenously it has to be done by healthcare professional you can’t just shoot up yourself you know you’ve got to be doing it properly and that all cost money so Anton was fortunate at the time that he was financial enough that he could go through and have these intravenous shots but for a lot of people out there who are battling cancer and other awful illnesses it’s not possible to get out there and be able to afford this vitamin C.

So we have a method here this encapsulation method which I’ve done my research and I ‘ve done lots and lots of research research looming into and capturing the vitamin Cand this type of vitamin C is said to six to eight times more powerful or more potent than the IV delivery which is a pretty important protocol for us to know I mean you where we’re talking about a process that is so simple that you can make it at home and it’s also extremely cheap because all you need to do is get yourself some pure ascorbic acid or which is the official the formal name vitamin C now that’s a no GMO one so it’s a pure vitamin C and as well as that pure vitamin C you also have to find yourself some less certain now lesser than is made from soy.

Sunflower and it’s an it’s a oil or a lipid and it’s this lesson what it does once we’ve combined it all once we’ve-made our little vitamin C drink what it does is it’s the encapsulations that are apart that actually sort of surrounds the vitamin C cells with this protective layer and it’s through that protection that once we ingest the vitamin C once we drink it take it orally the vitamin Chas more chance of getting to where it needs to go because it’s got I like to call it’s like an armor about it so it’s this little Blessington on there and that’s its armor it’s covered in that armor and it’s able to get true into ourselves.