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That only have a small amount of excess skin that bothers them in the lower abdominal area and have less underline abdominal bulge or abdominal weakness the Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines because I’m getting a full body lift back in I weighed kilos and over the years following that I actually lost kilos so when I finally got to go away I ended up with a fair bit of excess skin.

I consulted with a plastic surgeon in Australia as well as dr. Anson and they both gave me the exact same information whereas when I had consulted with some companies that did surgery in Thailand they pretty much told me that I could do whatever I wanted there were no restrictions both in Australia and here I was told that that wasn’t safe for me to do and I found being told no by Dr. Ranson was actually quite comforting because it was exactly what I was told in Australia by a plastic surgeon I arrived in Manila on Wednesday so I’ve been here for two days so far and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind it’s been fantastic we did a little bit of shopping I’ve been an Eaton at quite a few different restaurant already and it’s been so much fun today’s my first day at.

The aesthetic Denver plastic Surgery Institute of the Philippines and I ‘m about to have my first consult with Dr.Anderson, so we can talk about the procedures that I’m about to undergo iron is specified as a massive weight loss station due to her extreme weight loss from bariatric surgery the elasticity of our skin is altered leading the areas of reduced and redundant skin a total of five procedures in two separate stages are planned during the first stage we will authentically in abdominoplasty to taken care of the redundant skin or abdomen Brachioplasty to take care of redundant skin under arms and the revision of her breast augmentation this cond stage will consist of a backless and then a tight lip these two stages are separated by maybe a time frame of about two days just have to make sure that before she reaches for a second stage she is so physically fit to undergo.

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