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Dentist is going to be so pretty much for anterior teeth both the facial and the lingual hydro contour is going to be the cervical third so it’s going to be easy to remember posterior teeth is going to be in the middle third except for the mandibular-second premolar and that’s going to be inclusive third so remember we divide this tooth into thirds so if we divide it this way right this is your Rizzle is in middle that’s a cervical now the buccal height of contour is going to be the junction of the middle and cervical third and a lingual kind of contour is going to be in the middle third and does that.

yeah so you see that follow the rules right so the buccal head of control for mandibular molars is in the junction of cervical and not third which is this right here and lingual height of contour is in middle-third and that’s right here in the middle third so in terms of function of the height of contour so there has been some debate about what it actually does so originally it was thought that because you have a bulge now you have a space for food to move through similar to embrasure and so they thought that what would help self-cleansing stuff like that but they found that if you actually shave away the heights of contour so you don’t have that.

Anatomy anymore it family Dentist Charlotte NC¬†doesn’t really do that much for self-cleansing so the actual functionality of the height of contour has some debate to it but in terms of what they are you just need to know it’s the greatest bulge and you just have to be able to describe where it is on every single-tooth so that’s going to be the end of our lecture for today so just as a recaps don’t get too bogged down.

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Or four hours after removing it from the fridge.Alright, so there you have it, three great lunch box ideas using leftovers you might already have in your fridge.I hope you guys give this one a try this season, and let me know what you think.I’ll see you back here next week for another quick and easy recipe.alright guys so here is day one of the lunches tomorrow is back to school for the very first day of back-to-school soI’m going to run through what I pack for both of my school-age kids and also for.

my husband so let’s do my husband Bento Lunch Box¬†first he’s got some cantaloupe and fresh pineapple this is zucchini bread that our neighbor brought over it is so good so I got him a slice of that some apple sauce this is ranch but it goes with the salad in this container it just has some crackers and cheese and ham we got his cherry up and his squirt a granola bar some chip she’s actually out of chocolate-chip cookies don’t say anything hey we got some salad here and on his side he just likes some shredded cheese and some sunflower seeds and of course his spoon is fork in his napkin so that is all my husband’s I’m going to transfer that over to his lunch box this is for my kindergartner and this is his very first day of school pretty much every school course so he’s got.

this little Fruta Buhl’s juice box his spoon his fork his napkin is up there and then he’s got a bento box so let’s pull out the bento box and okay here we go and he’s got this little note that I put in here that says I hope you have a great day at school and then we have all these other containers so let me just plop sorry guys this little container has Kiwis I’ll cut up this is pudding and then in this container which comes out is kind of his main course he’s got crackers cheese ham and like three of those little gummy candies so that is my five-year-old kindergartners-lunch I’ll put it all back together in a second all right this is my tenth grader augering.

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Along process begin so it is a Liposomal Glutathione wonderful delivery method and the fact that we can create this at home and we can give about $ per visitbecause of course if you’re doing it intravenously it has to be done by healthcare professional you can’t just shoot up yourself you know you’ve got to be doing it properly and that all cost money so Anton was fortunate at the time that he was financial enough that he could go through and have these intravenous shots but for a lot of people out there who are battling cancer and other awful illnesses it’s not possible to get out there and be able to afford this vitamin C.

So we have a method here this encapsulation method which I’ve done my research and I ‘ve done lots and lots of research research looming into and capturing the vitamin Cand this type of vitamin C is said to six to eight times more powerful or more potent than the IV delivery which is a pretty important protocol for us to know I mean you where we’re talking about a process that is so simple that you can make it at home and it’s also extremely cheap because all you need to do is get yourself some pure ascorbic acid or which is the official the formal name vitamin C now that’s a no GMO one so it’s a pure vitamin C and as well as that pure vitamin C you also have to find yourself some less certain now lesser than is made from soy.

Sunflower and it’s an it’s a oil or a lipid and it’s this lesson what it does once we’ve combined it all once we’ve-made our little vitamin C drink what it does is it’s the encapsulations that are apart that actually sort of surrounds the vitamin C cells with this protective layer and it’s through that protection that once we ingest the vitamin C once we drink it take it orally the vitamin Chas more chance of getting to where it needs to go because it’s got I like to call it’s like an armor about it so it’s this little Blessington on there and that’s its armor it’s covered in that armor and it’s able to get true into ourselves.

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That only have a small amount of excess skin that bothers them in the lower abdominal area and have less underline abdominal bulge or abdominal weakness the Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines because I’m getting a full body lift back in I weighed kilos and over the years following that I actually lost kilos so when I finally got to go away I ended up with a fair bit of excess skin.

I consulted with a plastic surgeon in Australia as well as dr. Anson and they both gave me the exact same information whereas when I had consulted with some companies that did surgery in Thailand they pretty much told me that I could do whatever I wanted there were no restrictions both in Australia and here I was told that that wasn’t safe for me to do and I found being told no by Dr. Ranson was actually quite comforting because it was exactly what I was told in Australia by a plastic surgeon I arrived in Manila on Wednesday so I’ve been here for two days so far and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind it’s been fantastic we did a little bit of shopping I’ve been an Eaton at quite a few different restaurant already and it’s been so much fun today’s my first day at.

The aesthetic Denver plastic Surgery Institute of the Philippines and I ‘m about to have my first consult with Dr.Anderson, so we can talk about the procedures that I’m about to undergo iron is specified as a massive weight loss station due to her extreme weight loss from bariatric surgery the elasticity of our skin is altered leading the areas of reduced and redundant skin a total of five procedures in two separate stages are planned during the first stage we will authentically in abdominoplasty to taken care of the redundant skin or abdomen Brachioplasty to take care of redundant skin under arms and the revision of her breast augmentation this cond stage will consist of a backless and then a tight lip these two stages are separated by maybe a time frame of about two days just have to make sure that before she reaches for a second stage she is so physically fit to undergo.

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